MK 2.0.0 β Introduction

A SASS powered springboard for styling the web.

Getting Started

To get started, all you need is the _satfive.scss file and satfive directory in the same place. from here, just import saturn five as you would any other SASS/SCSS partial.

@include 'saturnfive';

To utilize the configuration options, make sure variables are set before import Saturn Five. The Jump from MK 0.9.0 to MK >2.0.0 is a large one and as a result there will more than likely be some breaking changes either as improvements or bugs. Make sure you read the changelog when downloading versions greather than MK 2.0.0

Contribution Guide

Saturn V would love your help! If you notice something behaving in a way that it shouldn't or think that things can improve in some way don't hesitate to either open a new issue or even submit a pull request yourself. Saturn V will always be Free and Open Source. Before contributing, make sure to read through our Code of Conduct.